Privacy Policy

BEACH HUT (the website or SITE) takes the security of your personal information very seriously. We always try to guide our valued customers (You – the site user) in right direction to make the user experience smooth and comfortable. In order to update our website in timely manner for providing you more relevant products, we use your personal information in following ways as mentioned here under in this “Privacy Policy.” Before you continue your navigation of Beach Hut, we ask you to read, accept and comply with these policies carefully to understand the way we use your personal information when you navigate, create account or make any purchases on the site in future.


BEACH HUT (the website or site) collects certain pieces of personal information of its visitors/customers – you, the site user – in order to improve the website’s performance, process their purchase orders and to set more user-friendly purchasing patterns. When a visitor lands on any page of our website (BEACH HUT), we track his/her activity to conclude the most favourite sections of the website and find out the pages/products with less visits through the cookies of that visitor’s browser. The usage of cookies is explained below in the “Cookies” section and how it helps us to improve the site’s structure is also defined briefly in coming sections.

We also collect your personal information other than cookies that comprises of full name, the email address you use for creating account, contact details and physical location that help us in processing your order uninterruptedly. We only use this information when you wish to purchase something from our listed products. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties unless it is necessary by the law or otherwise. We would never share your email address to any third party except promotional purposes and only use it to send out new updates about our products in periodic manner.

In order to process your purchases, we also require your bank details or debit/credit card information to make the delivery possible for settling payment issues. We use this data only for transactional purposes and never share it with third parties unless it is required in case of payment collections or otherwise. You may find more information with respect to your bank details’ data usage in the following sections below or you may also write us at support@beachut.pk in case of any confusion.


BEACH HUT remains the right to use the personal information provided by you (the site user) in certain manners as mentioned here under to attain certain objectives. We collect your name, contact number and physical address to improve our customer service with an aim to resolve any issue you face with respect to order placements, payments or return/refund of the purchases according to set guidelines. We also use your personal information to complete the buying cycle when you place an order by verifying provided information on time of order placement with the information registered at your account on BEACH HUT for ensuring timely deliveries of your orders.

We take your financial details – such as credit/debit card number, bank account or mailing address – very carefully and only use this piece of information for completing your order request against the listed products available on BEACH HUT. We do not share this piece of personal detail with any third party unless it is required by the law or otherwise to process and complete your request.

BEACH HUT uses the email address of its respected users for sending out product updates through monthly emails and does not share this data to an irrelevant party. We use the cookies to track your activity and navigational behaviour for evaluating website’s overall performance and provide you a better interface for making purchases easy, quick and comfortable. The cookies are also used by Google Analytics (a third-party service owned by Google Inc.) that helps us in recording the stay time of each user and figure out improvements with respect to website’s load time and responsiveness.


As a valued customer of BEACH HUT, our utmost effort is to keep you safe from unpleasant instances and therefore we take certain measurements by using your personal information only for transactional as well as improvement purposes of the site. These privacy policies are aligned to maximize your comfort level whenever and from wherever you access your account, navigate through the product section or wish to purchase any particular product. We use your basic information to keep record, process your order to take your complaints in a systematic manner for prompt solutions to resolve the query.

You remain the right to close your account at any time after clearing all the financial matters against your pending orders. We use email address, provided by the user(s), only for updating them about our new products or any discounts via email but you may opt out by unsubscribing at your ease. In similar manner, we use cookies for improving website’s performance and obtain data from Google Analytics as mentioned above. The cookies are small files that are automatically generated by your browser and are shared with the site (that you visit) but you may disable this functionality if you do not wish to share this data with any website from the browser’s “Setting” option.

You remain the right to check your purchase history by logging into your account at BEACH HUT using your login credentials. We would never ask you to share your password either via mail or by an SMS and if you receive such requests, let us know about it or simply ignore the message to keep your account safe.


We do not sell, rent or share your personal information to irrelevant parties unless it is required to complete the purchase cycle or mandatory by the law. We do share certain pieces of your personal information like name, contact number and physical address when you place an order to purchase a listed item on BEACH HUT. In similar manner, we also share other personal details like email address with certain third parties to update our website in periodic manner with respect to most visited sections and conclude the sections with fewer visits by the users. Further details regarding the data sharing policies are mentioned here under.

We use Google Analytics (a product of Google Inc.) to track your activities on our website with the help of cookies and other similar elements. We remain the right to share your email address with other parties for delivering you latest updates about our products, changes in prices or recent promotions in periodic manner. We also share your basic information when you place an order from our listed products for verification purposes. Your sensitive detail is used very carefully and is secured by an encrypted layer of SSL certificate that we use here on BEACH HUT to prevent any unfavourable scenarios.


The usage of cookies is mandatory by all the prevailing laws, and according to Pakistan’s Data Protection Law, for all website owners. BEACH HUT uses your cookies for certain operations and urges you to accept this policy for continuing navigating the site in future. Basically, the cookies are small files that are created automatically by the browser when you visit a website and keep certain records of your activity. It tells the website owner when a user visited a website, how long the stay was and what particular pages or items were visited or searched during that visit.

This data does not contain any malware or virus that may harm your computer and we use this information in certain ways as mentioned here under. We use cookies when you visit our website in order to track your navigational activities and predict the weak sides of our website with respect to responsiveness, load time and design. We make changes in our website’s structure using this data that your web browser provides us in shape of cookies and provide better results that fall in your interests when you visit next time. You reserve the right to disable cookies by going into your browser’s “Settings” but we request you to keep them enabled for improving website’s layout based on your activity.


We value your security and never share your personal data with an irrelevant party unless it is required by the law or otherwise. We use cookies for a specific objective as mentioned above that does not harm your personal identity in any way. We use SSL certificate to ensure your data’s complete privacy and prevent any attacks that might put your personal information in danger. All the data that you share with us is fully encrypted by this SSL certificate and we update our security layers in periodic manner to prevent any such instances.

Your login credentials are the only way that you may use to access your account on BEACH HUT from any location, through any supported electronic device and at any time. We’d never ask you to share this confidential information with us either via mail, through SMS or by any other medium. And if you find any such request from an email that appears to be spam or suspicious, you may ignore it or report the matter to our customer care on 0321-8282870

Please keep in mind that we remain the right of making addition, change some parts of set policies or renew it altogether in future and we urge you to read this section every now and then to keep yourself informed about the latest policy changes with respect to your privacy concerns.

You may also contact our customer care at 0321-8282870 or write us at support@beachhut.pk in case you have a query with respect to your privacy concerns while using BEACH HUT in future.